Attention Property Owners


Call your State Senator and tell them to VOTE NO TO SB-2837


A proposal being considered in Springfield will require all dwelling units, outside of Chicago, built before July 1, 1988, to replace existing battery operated smoke detectors with detectors that have non-removable, non-replaceable batteries with a minimum life of 10 years.


Here are the facts:

Property owners would have to comply on January 1, 2017.

Failure to comply is a criminal offense of a Class B Misdemeanor.

This proposal is an initiative of Smoke Detector Manufacturers.

The bill sponsor is a Chicago Senator but the law exempts Chicago.

 The Lake County Property Investors Association is opposed to this unnecessary legislation.


Here are the reasons why:

The type of battery in a smoke detector does not make the detector work better

People remove batteries when the detector goes off while cooking.If they can’t remove the battery they remove the whole detector. Is that better?

If the bill is for safety why does it not apply to Chicago?

This law is an unnecessary expense for property owners for the benefit of smoke detector manufacturers.


Visit the Illinois General Assembly website at: www.ilga.gov to read Senate Bill 2837


Visit the Illinois State Board of Elections Website to find the contact info of your State Senator.


Thank you in advance for taking action and helping to prevent this bill from becoming law!



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