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It looks so easy. You buy an ugly house, fix it up and then sell it for a profit. But anyone who has ever tried it knows, house flipping is a lot harder than it looks. Often, the math doesn't add up to a sizable payday when you factor in the time, effort, labor and money to execute a flip.


Hear from these experienced flippers about the key challenges to a successful flip:

  • Finding a good house at a low enough price
  • Finding reasonable, reliable, quality contractors
  • Financing the deal
  • Selling at a price that provides enough profit to cover expenses and compensate for time invested


William Powers

RTO Property LLC, LCPIA Secretary


William Powers is a partner of RTO Property where he manages all sales, marketing and administrative aspects of the company, and currently own and manages over 100 properties.




Zach Shepard

Big Homes LLC


Zach began his career buying, negotiating and flipping short sale properties across the Chicagoland area. Working with two partners at the time, he opened his 1st real estate investment company, New Perspective Group LLC, along with a short sale negotiation company, Windy City Short Sales LLC. Together, New Perspective Group LLC and Windy City Short Sales LLC successfully negotiated, flipped and closed over 100 short sale properties between 2008 and 2011.




Since 2011, Zach has re-adjusted his focus from the short sale business to greater opportunities emerging in the market place. Utilizing the time-tested method of direct mail and guerilla marketing, his company, Big Homes LLC, began been buying, rehabbing , flipping and holding property all over the city.




Matt Baranko

Real Estate Investor


As an avid real estate investor, Matt Baranko brings a keen understanding of the local Lake County market. Matt has been in the real estate business for quite some time. Growing up, Matt was exposed to the real estate development business through his father’s residential construction career. From there, Matt learned the ins and outs of smart and strategic development property investments while also gaining hands on experience with residential construction. Matt then carried that experience into a successful career managing the construction of large-scale civil construction projects throughout the Chicagoland area. Later, in 2012, Matt returned to real estate and built a rental and investment portfolio throughout Lake County. Because of his background, Matt is able to evaluate construction quality while figuring out the best price and purchase strategies. He is an endless resource for renovation decisions and pricing as well as quality of craftsmanship throughout the home whether buying or selling!




Chris Davis

Realtor/Broker, TANIS Group Realty


I started flipping full time in October 2014 with only flipping 2 properties in 2014 then I flipped 15 properties in 2015 and 20 properties in 2016. I'm hoping to keep up the momentum in 2017 with a goal of 20 flips. During the past 2 years, I have also built a 10-property portfolio with 18 doors. In 2017 I'm hoping to double my portfolio.


Some flips are easier than others. I have flipped homes where all we needed to do was paint and I have flipped homes where we took them down to the studs. We have built a crew of 5 guys that work just for us full time that do majority of the work on our properties. I general contract all my own flips and manage all my rental properties.


I have picked up 85% of my deals from the sheriff’s auction and the other 15% picked up off of auction websites, wholesalers, and the MLS.




John Prinz

Managing Partner, The Gordian Fund


John Prinz is Gordian Real Estate Trust’s largest investor. He offers family owned and operated rental houses. John has purchased $15,000,000 of foreclosed property over last 18 months.


He founded several successful and profitable funds focusing on different strategies including Blackpoint Capital, Nite Capital, and Wealth Capital Management.


He is the pioneer of the “Edge” investment Philosophy identifying strategies that will deliver a statistically significant advantage over the general market.

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