December 12

Down Payment Assistance Grants by Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County. Updates on
Tobacco Free Housing by Lake County Health Department

November 14

Timing Is Key For Real Estate Investments! Experienced Lake County investors discuss how to navigate trends.

September 12

Kris Thorstenson with the Lake County Sheriffs Dept will give us a presentation on purchasing properties at auction.

August 8

Create Wealth, Protect Yourself and Reap Rewards! Expert panel presentation geared to landlords and investors.

July 11

Purchasing Strategy: Joel Freedman, Auction.Com •  Saving on Energy Costs, Franklin Energy

June 13

Purchasing Tax Deeds for Big Profits, Emmett McCarthy and John Stanko, Flamm Teibloom Stanko & McCarthy Ltd.

May 8

Lou Manfredini, WGN AM 720 Radio’s Mr. Fix-It & host of Housesmarts on WGNTV

April 11

Common Landlord Mistakes and How to Avoid Them presented by Verella Osborne of Legal Document Management, Inc.

March 14

Jim Huntzicker Presentation on “MLS Domination”

February 14

Chicago Title

January 10

Mark Willis of Lake Growth Financial Services: Building a solid real estate investment portfolio takes risk, patience, and of course cash. It often times also requires a bank, which can siphon much of your profits off your properties! Why take so much risk with your real estate only to send so much of your money to a banker?



December 11

Codes, Safety & Inspections

Representatives from local municipalities will share insights on code compliance so you can better prepare to meet deadlines.

Hugo Galicia , Founder and President of Chicago Deal Vault!

November 13

Flippin Details: How to Make your Next Project
a Home Run...It's in the Details!

Presented by: Joshua Inglis, EXP Realty

October 9

Ready Set Grow - Tech Tools for Landlords and Property Managers

September 11

Real Estate Investing with Self-Directed IRAs

August 14

Main Event:  Finding a Deal - How to Succeed with Limited Inventory? Presented by: Rosario Terracciano

Opening Speaker: IROPA - The Threat of Rent Control in Illinois

July 10

Main Event: VRBO and AirBNB Rental Gold

How to 2X your Gross Rent

June 12

Opening Speaker: Walt Huskey, Cost Segregation Services, Inc

Main Event:  Rental Marketing in 2018 and beyond – Rent Quickly with Maximum Rents!!

May 8

Main Event:  Flip, Flop and Everything Else  - Lessons from the Experts

April 10

Opening Speaker: Brenda O'Connell from the Lake County Coalition for the Homeless

Main Event: Rental Homes that Generate Cash Flow Day One!  Jason Green - Roofstock

March 13

Opening Speaker: The New Tax Plan – How to it can make me more Money!!

Main Event:  Direct Mail, Targeting and Building a Deal Machine

February 13

REALTOR PANEL: Local Market Overview. Buying is the MOST important part of a flip.

January 9

Rehabbing Workshop – Lessons from the Contractors


January 9

Mark Ainley, GC Realty & Development, LLC

February 13

Timing the Market – When to Buy and When to Sell with Brie Schmidt. OPENING SPEAKER: Rick Rogers, JD/MBA

March 13

Frank Montro: Top Real Estate Producer | Neighborhood Builder | Chicago Home Specialist | Owner Frank Montro Homes

April 10

SHOWDOWN! A Wholesaler, A Flipper & A Landlord

Q&A Panel with Wholesaler Dan Clarton , Landlord John Prinz   and Flipper Bill Powers moderated by Greg Getz

May 8

Do it yourself Tax Appeal: The Easy Way to Save big money! Marty Paulson, Chief County Assessment Officer

June 12

Everything about Rehab and More

Providing investors the information and insight necessary to achieve higher profits!

presented by Sue Hough, My Rehab Academy

July 10

E Filing for Evictions and Small Claims – Easier than you Think, Erin Cartwright Weinstein
Clerk of the Circuit Court

August 14

Start Your Own AirBnb Business - Tools to To Claim Your Share of the Fast-Growing Short-Term Rental Market - presented by Mark Kappelman of Tri Homes Today

September 11

Mike Maar - Ultimate Rehab Workshop

Learn all the “secrets” from a general contractor that’s been in business over 25 years.

October 10

Buy and Hold Investing. Grow your portfolio with buy and hold properties.

Brian P. Karlow; RCDD Broker, Glasgow Group LLC

November 14

10 ways to make money in real estate.

Presented by Joshua Inglis

January 8

LENDING PANEL “You have questions, we have answers”



December 13

Engelo Rumora “The Real Estate Dingo" is a successful property investor, motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur that quit school at the age of 14 and played professional soccer at 18. He is a soon to be published author along with becoming a TV personality in his very own real estate house flipping show.

November 8

"Ask the Expert"

October 11

Matthew Pillmore with VIP Financial

September 13

Panel discussion for flip and rental financing.

August 9

The Lake County Assessment Office DIY Tax Appeal

July 12

Matt Baranko with Baranko Midwest Construction

June 14th

Mark Lewis and The Insider’s Guide to Rehabbing From the Beach

May 10th

Probate Profits: Jim Banks, the man who invented the Probate Profits Course.

April 12th

Lock It Up…Quick!!! Charlie McCracken, PHA Sales Manager, Landlord Locks

March 8th

How Brie Schmidt Grew 50 Units in 1 Year

February 9, 2016

Joshua Inglis will give a presentation on "Finding, managing and keeping good contractors"

January 12, 2016

Legally Mine  will present on legal structuring for business/property owners with an emphasis on prevention and protection against lawsuits and lowering taxes.




January 14

Attorney Jeff Frost will discuss the different types of Business Entities. What is the best choice for your business?

February 10

John Haderlein has used the bankruptcy laws to strip-off second mortgages and cram-down first mortgages supported by appraisals based on the property's values as of the date of filing of the bankruptcy case.

March 10

New to Real Estate Investing?
Come out to our March 10th meeting at LCPIA and share discussions with seasoned veteran investors.

APRIL 14, 2015

Lake County Property Investors Association will have a special presentation on Tuesday April 14

Know before you owe: The New Consumer Disclosure Forms (which replaces the HUD-1) & New Rules - In House Training

MAY 12, 2015

Jim Strachan and Mel Metts Topic: This meeting is all about credit. How to get it, how to improve it and how can you use a credit report in making rental decisions.

JUNE 9, 2015

Ray Nierstheimer, Ben Levin and Scott Johnson Topic: A panel discussion relating to insurance issues facing property investors with perspectives from both Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers.

JULY 14, 2015

Lake County Appeal will do a 10 minute presentation regarding the upcoming property tax appeal period in Lake County. The County will be conducting a Quadrennial Reassessment of all residential and commercial properties in 2015. Lake County Property Investors first annual “Predictions Night”

August 11, 2015

Linda Liberatore  will show us some of the latest Property Management software available and share free websites to run your business like a pro.

September 8, 2015

Victoria Sushan, a financial planner and professional mediator with The Art of Living, Inc. , will discuss conflict resolution with advice on the best ways to handle uncomfortable situations that arise in landlord/tenant relationships.

October 13, 2015

Ever wonder how a Sheriffs Sale works? Rick Rogers from the Rogers Law Group will take us to a virtual foreclosure auction.

November 10, 2015

Mr. Landlord:  In his truly one-of-a-kind, engaging style, Jeffrey Taylor will Share Both the Market and Psychological Forces at Work Today That Will Change the Way You Increase Rental Income.

December 8, 2015

Victoria Sushan, a financial planner and professional mediator will discuss conflict resolution and the best ways to handle uncomfortable situations arising in landlord/tenant relationships.


January 14

Main Speaker:  Midland IRA, a self-directed IRA administrator which helps clients invest IRA dollars into real estate.

February 11

Main Speaker: Mel Metts one of our long time members will present How to Evict With Or Without an Attorney.

March 11

Main Speaker: Jessica Ryan and Julie Jacobson from the Law firm of Kovitz Shifrin and Nesbit will be doing the presentation. They will be willing to answer our questions and will have material on the laws affecting landlord/tenant relationships.

April 8

Fair Housing Month

Main Speaker: Adaku Otuonye from the Lake County Health Dept will discuss "smoke free policies make business sense" and "how to increase rental profit."

Kara Grubb from Prairie State Legal Services will discuss Fair Housing.

May 13

Main Speaker:  Rainbow International, one of our business members, will discuss water damage and mold.

June 10

Main Speaker: Judge Michael Betar discussed evictions and judgment collections.

July 8

Main Speaker:  Erik Williams from Recasa will discuss renovation financing.

Curtis and Mark Perlman from Lake County Appeal to discuss the rules for property tax appeals that apply to LLC's, Partnerships and Corporations.

August 12

Main Speaker: Scott Heavers with Flipping Lake County will discuss his successful strategies for flipping homes.

Linda Liberatore will show us how to better use technology to enhance our Real Estate business.

October 14, 2014

Vendor EXPO featuring Andrew Holmes, host of the Real Estate Live radio show. Radio show focused on helping homeowners and investors sort through the maze of investing in real estate. He covers topics from foreclosures, short sales, buying, selling, investing, rental properties, landlord issues to property taxes appeals.

Main Speaker:  Andrew Holmes
Topic:  Building a profitable real estate business

November 11, 2014


Main Speaker:  Mel Laundry

Law Firm of Laundry and Associates
Topic: Estate Planning for Real Property Investors

December 9, 2014

Main Speaker:  Lisa  Pugliese with Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County will discuss their new rental subsidy program for low income tenants.

Keith Brin, the Clerk of the Circuit Court and his staff will talk about their office and will be available for Q & A.



January 2013

Main Speaker: Mary Ellen Vanderventer, Lake County Recorder of Deeds

February 2013


Saturday February 23rd

8:30 am – 5 pm

Main Speaker: Andy Heller on Bank-owned foreclosures (REOs) and Lease/Options.

Andy Heller full-day Seminar

Register early for the Full day seminar with Andy Heller and receive a COMPLIMENTARY copy of the best selling book "BUY EVEN LOWER"

March 2013

Build your team – network with your neighbors to find solutions to your issues.

April 2013

Fair Housing Month

 Main Speaker: Jeffrey Taylor Mr. Landlord

May 2013

Main Speaker:  James Wheaton from the Energy Savers program

June 2013

Main Speaker:  Marian Honel with the Illinois Fair Housing Division of the Illinois Department of Human Rights

July 9

Main Speaker:  Ned Schmidkonz, Great Lakes Navy Housing will discuss how they work with local landlords to assist military personnel with off base housing.

August 13

Main Speaker:   Kevin Lyons from the Lake County Sheriff’s Dept will discuss evictions. Attorney Ray Gerard will share information on the legal rights of the landlord and tenant.

September 10

Main Speaker:  Rick Martin, a hard money lender and Christian Laden the attorney he works with.

October 2013

Vendor EXPO

Main Speaker:  "Mr. Fix-It" Tom Feiza

November 2013


Main Speaker:  Kris Thorstenson will discuss Lake Counties Auction and Judicial Sales.

Kris (Alan) Thorstenson

Lake County Sheriff's Office

Judicial Sales

847-377-4401 dept

847-984-5765 fax


December 2013

Main Speaker:  Bill Powers, one of our members and newest Board member will discuss his successful program that turns tenants to owners.



January 2012

Featured Business Member: Greg Getz, Mortgage Consultant Wintrust Bank 3701 Algonquin Rd, Ste 720 Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 Office: (847)-590-8300

Main Speaker: Sohail Salahuddin will start off our New Year. An energized self starter from the Northwest suburbs who owns and manages Rent Smart Chicago, will share his knowledge on leasing to quickly fill your units.

February 2012

Featured Business Member: Mold Solutions

Main Speaker: Mel Metts on EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting rule.

March 2012

Featured Business Member: Miriam Fisher, Metropolitan Tenant Information Services, provides powerful tenant and employee screening tools for responsible landlords and businesses across the country. Our thorough research extends to the state and local levels, making us the smart choice for your screening needs.

Main Speaker: Lt. Chris Thompson and Kevin Lyons from the Lake County Sheriff's Office on Evictions

April 2012

Fair Housing Month


Main Speaker: Mr. Landlord, Jeffrey Taylor presents “How to Fill Any Vacancy in 72 Hours, For Top Market Rent, in a Competitive Market” [flyer]

May 2012

Featured Business Member: Ted Brzyski and Jim Wheaton, Program Manager for the Energy Savers program of the Community Investment Corp. (CIC).

Main Speaker: Jeffery L. Mowery - Income Tax assistance/planning for Property Investors. Jeff Mowery is a managing partner of Mowery & Schoenfeld and is heavily involved in the firm’s wealth management advisory services. He specializes in business and income tax planning for successful companies and their owners.

June 2012

Main Speakers:

Martin Paulson, Chief County Assessment Officer

Andrea Raila, Andrea A Raila & Associates, Inc.

Property Tax Consultants

742 N Lasalle St Suite 300

Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 312-587-9494

Fax: 312-587-9484

July 2012

Mini-Speaker: Jamie Ewing, Program Manager for the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH), Illinois. flyer

Main Speaker: Round Lake Beach Police Officer Greg Vanco.

Officer Greg Vanco has seen the rising level of common criminals looking to get into your property as a result of our new economy. Don't miss timely tips on How to Burglar Proof your Property!

Learn how to use CPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

August 2012

The Community Panel - Meet experts from local communities on the laws that affect your property.

Hear directly from code compliance department officials about the updates in the inspection process. LCPIA welcomes Dave Marion, City of Waukegan Building Commissioner, Kathy Mueller, Code Enforcement, and Officer Scott Clark, both from Mundelein.

September 2012

Featured Business Member: James Neal - owner of Rainbow International of Northern Cook & Lake County. They have been providing cleaning and restoration services for 30 years. They are an IICRC certified firm who has set the standards and guidelines in mitigation with regard to health, safety and structural integrity concerns. They maintain great relationships with the insurance industry to foster communication that assists in restoring the properties of their mutual customer. They use industry accepted pricing to protect against unnecessary repairs and exorbitant pricing. They provide a no cost assessment to aid in decision making regarding reporting a loss which could affect rates and future insurability.

Main Speaker: Charles Chambers Executive Director Waukegan Housing Updates on General Processes and Procedures of the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

October 2012


Friday & Saturday

Annual Trade Fair/Expo

Saturday October 13th – Lake County Property Investor Expo. Meet Dwan & Bill Twyford the Nation's leading Short Sales®, Foreclosures, and Negotiating experts. In fact, Dwan wrote the FIRST Short Sale Training Program back in 1998 before "Short Sales" was the buzz word.

October 19th and October 20th - 2 day Intensive Summit on Foreclosures and Short Sales - Dwan & Bill Twyford

November 2012


Main Speaker: Peter J. Haack, Jr., CFP, CIMA

First Vice President, The Chicago North Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney on Capital Markets Outlook.

December 2012

Meet our state legislators. Representatives Rita Mayfield (D-Waukegan) and Jo Ann Osmond (R-Antioch).


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